Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nina Luna - Summer Midnight Mixtape

Today, one of our longtime favorite artists, Nina Luna, who lately has been splitting her time between L.A. and New York, has gifted her fans with not one, but three new songs: "Faster", "Desperado", and "Present", all packaged together and released as her Summer Midnight Mixtape. While "Desperado" is actually a cover of a Rihanna's song off her 2016 album, Anti, all three tracks are gorgeous, piano-driven pop ballads that once again showcase Nina's powerful singing voice and prowess as a truly gifted songwriter and producer.

Speaking on the release, Nina says:

"It feels more honest to release these three songs into the world all at once, rather than as strategized singles; releasing them feels like closure on this particular artistic and emotional phase. To me 'Summer Midnight Mixtape' is a cool respite from the dog days of the season and I hope it can offer the same to you. "

Stream Nina Luna's Summer Midnight Mixtape in its entirety below.

TRISTN - Anywhere But Here

New York-based songstress TRISTN, who first came to our attention back in early June with her previous single "Sky Wide Open", is back with yet another anthemic and upbeat alternative pop/rock gem called "Anywhere But Here", which also serves as the latest single to be lifted from her upcoming debut album, January, due for release on September 8th. The track was produced by TRISTN herself along with Steve Kupillas (Oak and Ash, Brand New).

Speaking on the track, TRISTN says:

"'Anywhere But Here' is my favorite song in this album. It's about escaping from a frustrating, sad reality – feeling trapped most of my childhood. When I was a kid, I was absolutely fearless. I miss that feeling, really believing that anything is possible. I wrote it when I was feeling trapped, and I wanted to remind myself of the brave little kid I was – how amazing it must be to be fearless again."

Listen to "Anywhere But Here" below.

"Anywhere But Here" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Live in Limbo.

DeQn Sue - Melanin

What the world needs now, especially in today's unpredictable political climate, is more songs like Alabama native DeQn Sue's new single, "Melanin". Produced by DeQn Sue herself along with WoodaWorx, "Melanin" is an upbeat and socially conscious track that fuses together elements of pop, funk and R&B with lyrics that promote race equality: "black, brown, dark and light... don't matter what you're like, you are precious in his eye... colours, why do they make a difference to you?'". "Melanin" also serves as the latest single following "Messy" to be taken from DeQn Sue's upcoming sophomore album, Juggernaut, due for release on August 18th.

"I want to make music that lasts," DeQn Sue says. "Music that you will think about for years to come."

Listen to "Melanin" below.

Premiere via Clash.

Makena - 3am

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, alt-pop artist Makena has today released her debut single called "3am". Recorded in Brooklyn and produced by Sho Ishikura and Adrien Peters at Treehouse Studios, "3am" is a paradoxical summer tune that combines upbeat melodies and fun production with lyrics that give listeners a look into a dark and dysfunctional relationship. Drawing from influences such as Sia, Lorde, and Zella Day, Makena brings a dark and vulnerable edge to alternative pop while "3am" provides a glimpse into the raw and unfiltered style of writing that we can expect from her upcoming releases.

Speaking on the track, Makena says:

"My goal was to paint a picture of this drug and alcohol driven relationship between two people that weren’t really in the place to be committed to each other but also weren’t ready to be alone."

Dominique - Use Me

New York City-based electronic pop artist Dominique continues to showcase her irrefutable talent as singer/songwriter and producer by today unveiling her new single called "Use Me", her second offering of the year following her stunning rendition of Cassie's 2006 R&B classic "Me & U", released back in late May. What appears as a seductive bouncy pop track is actually Dominique's most personal and self-reflecting song to date. Stripped of its glossy appearance, "Use Me" reveals her transition from working solely independently on her own music to opening a new world of her own, developing writing and collaborating with other artists and new projects that has seen her evolve, both as a person and an artist.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Dominique explains:

"'Use Me' is a track about being so hopelessly in love with someone that you'd do anything and everything just to be around them. Although the vibe of the song feels more upbeat and happy, it's one of the saddest songs I've ever written. The song itself feels like a turning point in my artistic direction as most of my life has changed since I put out my EP in December. The music I'm writing and the songs I'm producing sound quite different from my older material and I feel like I'm evolving as an artist. I'm also pursuing different projects in my career, like producing for other artists. 'Use Me' details one of my first experiences doing so."

Listen to "Use Me" below.

"Use Me" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Clash.