Tuesday, November 21, 2017

BLND TGR - Heartbreaker

Brooklyn-based electronic pop trio BLND TGR, who we can now confirm is fronted by one of our longtime favorite singer/songwriters, Jojee, alongside multi-instrumentalist/producer Dan Vosk and producer/DJ Good Breed Slim (formerly of Fame School), have today unveiled their stellar new single called "Heartbreaker". An absolute bop from start to finish which takes you on an emotional journey, "Heartbreaker" also serves as the second single following "Lock N Load" to be taken from their upcoming debut EP, due for release on January 18th. "Heartbreaker" will have its worldwide radio debut on Beats 1 Radio with Ebro Mane on November 29th through Apple Music and if you happen to be in New York City, you can catch the trio live at the Gramercy Theater with Sammy Will and Derek Luh on December 11th.

Speaking on the track, Jojee says:

"We wrote this song about a weird, dark time in a past relationship for me. I loved him but had to end it and essentially break my own heart because things were getting very toxic. I was being a little selfish though because I knew it would hurt less to be the one to end it than to have him be the one to walk away from me."

Listen to "Heartbreaker" below.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 32 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Amy Milner - "Heal"

2. CA.SS - "Waste"

3. Doctrin - "Show You The Way"

4. Dream Wife - "Let's Make Out"

5. Eloïse - "Now He Wears White"

6. Ember Island - "Leaving"

7. Gin Wigmore - "Cabrona"

8. Hannah Trigwell - "Nobody"

9. ISA - "I.S.A"

10. Jack River - "Fault Line"

11. Jacquie Lee - "For You"

12. Kelsey Bulkin - "West Coast Drama"

13. LIEZA - "Don't Make Me Dance"

14. Liz Huett - "H8U"

15. Liza Anne - "Paranoia"

16. Loop - "Maybe I'm a Liar"

17. Madison Beer - "Say It To My Face"

18. Maisie Johnson - "Start Again"

19. Maitri - "Reminder"

20. Mavi Phoenix - "Janet Jackson"

21. Neena - "The Game"

22. Odette - "Collide"

23. Off Bloom - "Lover Like Me"

24. Olivia Noelle - "Made of Gold"

25. Sinead Harnett - "Unconditional"

26. Soren Bryce - "Cellophane"

27. Tallulah - "I Feel Again"

28. Tishmal - "Underneath"

29. Transviolet - "Astronaut"

30. Veronica Bianqui - "Victim"

31. Wolkoff - "I Keep This Heart(beat)"

32. ZoZo - "I Won't Leave Your Bed Tonight"

Friday, November 17, 2017

New Music Friday #34 [Massive Playlist]

1. Althea - "Waitin' Up"

2. Aly & AJ - "The Distance"

3. BAUM - "Effortless"

4. Best Girl Athlete - "Lucy" / "Frayed"

5. CAPPA - "Waste My Time"

6. Chelsea Lankes - "Matches"

7. Danelle Sandoval - "Straight Up"

8. Featurette - "Upside Down"

9. Fjer - "Awesome"

10. Gin Wigmore - "Cabrona"

11. Harlee - "Venom"

12. Healyum - "Cheap Alcohol"

13. Ivy Adara - "Famous"

14. Jackie Tech - "Heart On Replay"

15. Joselyn Rivera - "Savior"

16. Kat Cunning - "Wild Poppies"

17. Kiri T - "Roll Deep In The Feels"

18. KLP - "Never Be The Same"

19. KOLE - "Wildflower"

20. LIA LIA - "Yin Yang"

21. LIEZA - "Don't Make Me Dance"

22. Liz Lawrence "Chainsmoking" / "We Got Love"

23. Maggie Lindemann - "Obsessed"

24. Mereki - "Got It All"

25. Olivia O'Brien - "Tequilawine"

26. Ryder - "King"

27. Sara Diamond - "Three Words"

28. SOFI TUKKER - "Energia"

29. Swaati - "On Fire"

30. Wolftyla - "Goin' Diddy"

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lyza Jane (feat. Bisk) - Easy

London-based singer/songwriter and producer Lyza Jane, who first came to our attention way back in mid 2014 with the release of her song "Wilderness", has recently unveiled her latest single called "Easy", featuring Bisk. Written by Lyza herself and produced in collaboration with FORMZ, "Easy" is a chilled out slow-burner which also serves as the first track off her forthcoming Nobody But You EP, slated to drop later this month.

Speaking on the track and her upcoming EP, Lyza says:

"'Easy' is actually something I made a little while ago when I first moved [to] Acton (west London). It’s such a great creative space and I’d just met a dope pianist called Jack. I started working with a producer called Formz who was making an album with Bisk at the time so the collaboration just came about naturally. I've known Formz for some time and just thought the vibe was really cool and different. The beautiful sax is by Taurean who pays with the band Rudimental. He’s on a lot of the upcoming EP, Nobody But You, which I'm psyched about as there's nothing I like more than a sax, and I've been lucky to work with some really talented rappers on the project [too]."

Listen to "Easy" below.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Late Night Gems #41

1. Amber Peri - "Her"

2. BAER - "Most Days"

3. Bekdö - "Only One"

4. Billie Eilish - "Bitches Broken Hearts"

5. Clypso - "Save Me"

6. Essie Holt - "Underwater"

7. Holly Hunta - "Used To"

8. IDA - "1111"

9. July Jones - "Bad Influence"

10. Kayla Diamond - "What You're Made Of"

11. Keeva - "Whiskey"

12. Lilah - "Pushed Your Hands"

13. Malory - "Nuclear Brandy"

14. Mason Ashley - "You Should Know"

15. MAYA - "What We Are Worth"

16. Raveena - "If Only"

17. RENÉ - "Pretender"

18. ZALI - "Girls Like Us"